Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to life as it was

Okay so after that 2 day time when I was really sad about Blake I got over that alot faster than some other things and went on with life so life has been for a while as it was befor my buddy list is full random dudes who have text chat want to be my friends one dude in Moo shu got down on his knees and begged you have to give in a little bit after that. My friend Ian now level 26 myth wizard is in Marlybone he is soooooo lucky any way I have only a few low level friends that I see ever I saw one I haden't seen in like forever he is now a level 34 in Moo shu last time I saw him we were both new players it was so cool to see him agean! OH and I forgot some thin about the fair on saturday befor the fire works I was giveing my friends spiting lessons I am still the master and I still hold the reccord of 3 feet. :) I know nasty and a kinda weird okay very weird but I didn't care the dude in my grade I have huge crush on wasn't there and well long distans spitting is somethin I haden't done in like 2 years!!!

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