Saturday, August 1, 2009


Okay so first of congratz to Amber and Kyle for being so close to Grandmaster most wizards dream (FYI its not my dream . . . at least not right now) I agree with Jesica. PARTY!!!!! Amanda Silverheart did her Lord Nightshade fight and is now (like Danielle) trying to finish up old town and get her three street savor badge I deleted my balance wizard after much thinking I desided it would be very hard later in the game and I don't want that so I just went with ice my newest charicter is Fallon Icebane level 5 tha. . . ummm . . . Ice wizard (I forgot their name) Sorry I forgot to take any pics of her. She has blue hair and it is in the same style as all of my other girl wizards (aka sholder langth straight) she has the brown/orange eyes that are kinda glareish. She already has 3 friends umm well I forget one but she is a balance wizard and I think her name is Caroline but I don't know Ellie Ranbowriver and Fred Fire ( FYI fred Fire is a necromancer I know that name makes you think fire wizard but nope)

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