Friday, August 14, 2009

the road ended . . . but now my mom and best friend play wizard101!

Yeah I compleated all the quest I can do exsept that one to get some soul dust befor I figh gummishgreat axe for my own quest. but I ain't gonna do that one! And yes my mom plays wizard101 she is a level (FYI this is from when I last saw so she might be higher I don't know) 2 life wizard named Alia Starrunner. My friend PT who is best friend is a level 10 umm I'm not shure what her best wizard is death or life I don't know. . . WOW I can't spell today. Any how today she went to a friend of her's house (he had a mooshu house) and he had 2 trees in a room but when you went up stairs there was a hidden room in the branches of the trees does anyone know how to do that also she went into their room and found a little gold thing sticking out from the top of the bed she ran at it and found her self upsidown of the seeling of his bed room and she couldn't get down!!! SOMEONE KNOWS AND IVISIBLITY SPELL!!!!!!! Yes when she went out side a dude told her to stand in a fire so she did he walked away that told her to teliport to him she did and she was invisible no mader where she went she still couldn't see her wizard!!!! If anyone knows how to do any of the above comment below (Anon posts if you must I need to know I am running out of spase and tous would sooooooo help!!!!)

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