Monday, August 31, 2009

my adventures

well I have had a lot of fun this week end and school comes closer a week has hit it's mark oh well below is two pics from my friend's house Megan Bluemask. MEGAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!
where can a storm wizard get one of these guys?
We disturb Lord Shadows lunch to show you my grave yard.
My wall around my sprial door is also a prizon.

here you can see my house can you guess whats comeing up in my pics heres a hint look at my tital. :P

If you guessed I battle the Jade oni than you are corect!!
HI ONI!!!!!!!!!!

Hey that cut weeks off my farming list!

Well for now my wizards done clothes dyed nice badge and awsome friends I am good but I won't leave for ever nope I'll be around on Alyssa I shall stay.

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