Monday, August 31, 2009

the 8:00 news with me Silverheart

Tonight we are talking with my friend Pico (P-e-co)
Me: so Pico what video game do you play?

Pico: Millsberry, webkinz, Moshi monsters, and on Shockwave.
Me: wow! I’m a Moshi monster gamer too but mine is mean to me x pouts x. On too the next ???? What is your favorite color of hair?
Pico: IDK That’s an odd question! HEY guess what?
Me: 1 I know it’s an odd question that’s why I asked it and 2nd I’ll be asking the questions here! wait your turn!!!!!!!!!!
Pico: :p (sticky mi tung out @ u) I like pugs!!!! ( i will ask another question, why are all my friends insane? will someone tell me pleeze? do i attract weirdos?)
Me: well let’s see 1 any one who knows you knows you loves pugs and after the pug collage I think the whole school will. 2 the reason that you attract odd balls is the fact that you your self is some what normal and that fascinates us weirdos. I am speaking from how I feel as your friend and as an odd ball. HEY didn’t I say I would be asking the questions!?!?!!!!!!!
Pico:So? It’s a free country =^..^=
Me: >:P I should have seen that coming this is random. Tim OWNS sarcasm!!!!
Pico: Who’s Tim? Is he your boyfriend? Can I buy the sarcasm? (LOOK WHO’S ASKING QUESTIONS NOW BOULANGERIE)
Me: 1 why in the French world did you call me a bakery? 2 I don’t think Tim is selling the sarcasm right now check back in 4-5 months when the sarcasm market opens and the economy is better. 3 you know I don’t have a boy friend. Tim sat behind me in math class last year and I saw him today he got a hair cut. That was off topic. (:P)
Pico: Yeah U are off topic ALWAYS!3 yea I did 2 okay 1 because hawk girl calls her brother random spanish when she gets mad at him.(mom! hawk girl called me a zapato!!!(shoe))
Me: This not going as planned. STOP POKING ME AND CALLING ME A SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A BAKERY!!!!!!!!! . . . why are you calling me a shoe any way?
Pico: Even though it is Spanish and I take French, ZAPATO sounds cool!!!!
Me: ummmmm. . . . yes?
Well we are out of page so bye. Pico: meep to you all!

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