Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Notes and extras

So I have been training my self to battle like a grandmaster and it really pays off! Now I see why grandmasters are so good at questing!!!!( other than the fact that you peeps have already done all of these so. . .) !!!!! I have been reading up on battles and on the 0 rank spell area and I think it's vital to the game play!!!! Something I have seen through out the game is little well I guess you'd say cheats that make boss battles slightly more easy. One (and this one is my favorite) is the One in the tower Two fight the monster it's when. . . Oh I'll use the sunken city to explain this. As you climb that tower to Norton often you all run up around the same time but if you have 3 players in there have your best player go in first than wait a bit not that long and then run in too you will find you only have 2 opponents instead of 4! The other one is nerves yes being nervous before a battle is a cheat if you run around asking for help and begging even if you know no one could possibly hear you, you are using a cheat if you do that than enter the tower ,or what ever, alone the boss will spend most of the time passing and the minion mostly just be shielding the boss or fizzling. Yes odd but true. FYI I have been doing alot of Gummish GreatAxe battles they are fun I did one with a friend of mine Casandra Firedreamer level 46 pryromancer. Ya gotta love Greataxe:P

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