Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm so mad I'm crying

I was just doing a sunken city run with my new level 42 friend and we where battleing Norton when my computer lost the internet conection and guess what now wizard101 won't open I'm sooooooooo mad I could distroy my bed room I would sigh but that would just make me more mad umm one minut!!! Okay that was odd some times I stop breathing with out knowing and I don't lose my breath I'm just not breathing it's odd and I can't exsplane it. Hey I stoped crying! Good I was starting to anoy my self.


  1. I cry when I get really frustrated too, totally understandable, especially when it's something beyond your control like that. I'd offer a hug if I could.

  2. thanks I'm better now I just went throu and looked at some funny pics I took and moste of my pics have funny titals I'm going to do a picture walk throu of my house soon and my favorite part is my still empty grave yard the joke is going to be once I filled it is thouse are the graves of my victoms most of them are pigs. (mmmmm bacon :)