Monday, August 24, 2009

The long awated return of. . .

(feel free to enlarge by clicking on the pics :)

My Pics!!!!! Yeah sorry I haven't been posting much with pics but today after finishing up the throne room of fire and getting my level 18 life spell (it rocks! oh and all that is on my life wizard) I got on Alyssa to find my friend Nathanael in the Jade palace WOOT back to moo shu for me!!! But after I got there I was like deathly Bord just running around the Jade Place so I gave my self a dare and of course, I took it. The dare you may ask? I went into Humatsu village to explore. yeah I know WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY your only a level 26 and you only have 1178 health and you don't have any myth Shields and well that's it BUT ARE YOU CRAZY!!?!?!?! The awnser to that is yes, yes I am crazy but the good thing is I was not Bord and I made a lot of money by just getting thous little chest thingingys on the road I watched a few duals with some monsters and considered jumping in one but decided not to. First off I didn't even know the dudes who where in it! And secondly well there isn't a second reason but the thing is I want to be challenged and KT doesn't do that. x sigh x well above are all the pics and yes I do call Hamastu village ham vill. :P

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