Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My odd new habbit

My newest odd habbit would be I stand around in the Entrance Hall and when ever someone goes to do a greataxe fight I ask if they want help so I hae been fighting a hard boss alot and I am barly up to one 'bub' of ex points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have earned some awsome loot and I plan to fight him lots more in the futchure but for now back to gameing (if anyone feels like doing a greataxe fight just find me you'll have help!


  1. Hey, nice house!
    Sorry, I had to leave.
    You decorated your house great!

  2. thanks!!! I want a triton statue though. . . mabey we could go battle what ever dude you fight him for to get it an if I get it after a few trys lets hit Prince Alicaine what's his name!

  3. when does school start for you? school starts for me on september 8th and locker day is on hte 31st of august. so it can't be on thouse days for me and I'm estern time you are. . . alaskin (I misspelled that didn't I.) time right?