Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well I'm stuck

I've got no quests I can do. I can't get up to level 28 to get my tempest spell. (boo hoo!!!!!) So I'm working on my house and I've just made a few changes such as changing the walls and buying another bed and it is so much more. . . me!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it!!!! (hey it's like the McDonald song . . . too bad I never eat there. . .)!!! I got the sun bed and I got the sun paneled wall and I put both of thous in my upstairs and it worked wonders!!!! Down stairs I put a plaster style looking wall from wizard city and my house is so much better!! I decided my house need to be better and more me so I got to work with nothing else to do so my house is now my main focus. I have soooooooo much work to do and bosses to be farmed and things to be bought (outside I'm trying to go more mooshu than anything else isn't working oh well) and oh man I have soo much to do I can't decide HELP DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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