Thursday, August 13, 2009

I should be over joyed but all I feel is sad. . .

Yes I got to level 25 I entered the Tomb of storms and I have made 2 amazing friends but I am down to 400 crowns and I didn't buy the area that you need to get to Marlybone I could have gone to Marlybone but I didn't!!!!! I feel like I failed. . . WAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I meet some awesome people did a battle with a grandmaster on my side learned a new spell and I am now wearing my new robes but I can't be happy I sense the rode coming to a close and well I'm very near now. . . I shall not see any of you in the awesome world of Marlybone soon and I probably won't get anymore crowns till Christmas but even with that I will probably have to drag out my ability to be lawerish oh well . . . I guess I'll just focus on getting a bigger house and better gear and oh it's just not the same.


  1. Aw! That stinks. I'd be in the same position, but I gave up on crowns after my first try.

  2. yeah . . . I'll fix it some how I don't go down . . . and I don't plan to fight eather. that just is trouble.