Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ahh volleyball. . .

My left knee is bruised so bad I can't put any weight on it. My hip is bruised from when I dived for a ball etc. etc. etc. But nothing is like the joy of getting a string of 7 ACES IN A ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! X begins to dance X if you don't know what a ace is it's when you hit the ball over the net on a serve and the other team doesn't even touch it. sigh. . . and on the bus ride home my friend Jinx (no that is not her name) had her MP3 and we rocked out literally she had some really nice heavy metal songs on there such as let the body's hit floor It's a good song to dance and that's what we like : D

the storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. OUCH! I know what you're talking about. But, when you're swimming, if you're hurt, you're hurt. My ankle hurt before (the left one, I sprained my right one before so I know what hurt is like), and while I was doing a long kicking set with my fins, It was like he(double hockey-sticks). And now, my ankle hurts horribly.

  2. yeah but with my schools varsity coach (and my clubs 18's coach) if you are injured or hurt you get a big dose of suck it up. : D It may sound harsh but it gets ya tough and it makes for a good lol!