Friday, October 23, 2009


half day today. But I have to go back to my school at 3:15 for a game ageanst one of my old club team member's school. sigh not much I need crowns I GAVE MY MOM 10 $$$$$ TO BUY ME SOME!! But we keep forgeting lol : D here is me yaking on and on in Spanish to my self
Hola srta.
Hola srta. Cual es su Nombre?
Mi nombre es Silverheart
Aye coromba mi nombre es Silverheart, dos!!!!!!!!!
Aye coromba!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I don't know what to put next I'm a (as my friends put it) a Spaniard it means my language class is Spanish (lol I wrote spinach : ) I am rather good at Spanish if I say so my self and my grade defends me. : D YAY!!!! I like being smartical as pico says!!!! 5 minutes yikes!!!! it is 7:00 am and I need to be out at 7:09 or eleas I miss the bus than I need to be in my seat for first period by 7:45
the (awsome) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. LET IT ROCK LET IT ROCK LET IT ROCK (from one of my two favorite songs: )