Thursday, October 15, 2009

nothing new

well I'm in Moo shu and well I was resently burning towers in Tataki Out post I'm level 36 and well thats ummm it. I've got nothing new this morning I have a short temper I've been yelling at my dad for no reason I have stupid home work and I have some problems and I mean I like him I think he likes me problems. sigh...................... there are a few people (one or two) who can cheer me up the one I see the most is Jack. Seeing the guy I like just confuzes me now and well sigh thats life, for me at least confuson and unknowingness to just about everything. I WANNA GET INTO DRAGONSPYRE AND I MEAN STORY LINE QUESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh I need to got to the place I don't want to than to play a vollieball game I don't want to and on tusday we played a team of DIRTY .... CHEATERS I HATE CHEATERS IF WE PLAY THEM AGEAN NUMBER 3 BETTER LOOK OUT 'CAUSE.... sigh short temper agean. I need to go to that stupid school building I hate school and playing vollieball with a hopeless case.
the (short tempered) storm wiz. Silverheart

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