Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want a sword

well it's true I want one so bad just to keep in my bank and know it's there but I want a Dragonspyre sword not a Grizzlehiem one if you are wondering about this I do not know just the way it's turning out. In the bazzare there is only one dragonspyre sword but it has a storm atack and In need one with a fire or ice atack I mean that staff will do fine but I really want a sword with a fire or ice attack (preferably one with a 100 hit :)
the storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. What lvl are you? If your lvl 40 theirs a nice sword thats life in MS. If your lvl 45, well theirs a nice looking fire axe, or is that from Grizlehiem? The one DS sword allot of people carry is this big hunky ice sword. If I help yw!

  2. the fire axe is grizzlehiem. I'm level 34 almost 35 so I've got a long way to go till I'm level 40 what boss is it that drops the sword? I can fight Otomi I think he drops a sword but I can't drag him up by my self I've tried I need a high level to bring him up. and I can't get into the Jade oni by my self and I can attack a low level boss in Hamastu village... thanks for the advise I guess when I'm grandmaster I'll be doing alot of sword farming.