Saturday, October 3, 2009

A day on my first test! and My gear what I look for as a storm

you must enlarge the pic to see the numbers and stuff this is the only way to show you all the gear and the numbers with out having this post be 30 feet longer. but lets just go with this in my hats I look for resists in robes, shoes & daggers I look for health
in mounts I look for looks and price and speed with staffs I look for damage and pips in pets I look for spells in decks I look for most spells in rings I look for health but mostly mana and lets not forget they must be black and pink : D
Lets meet my new friend shall we she is a level 30 life wizard and she's got a really big secret!
SHE'S A NPC!!!!! I summon her in battle the henchmen thing is really handy tomorrow I plan to see what will happen if you summon one in a instens. This is going to make my malister too too easy!!!!

here is the grandmaster tower I can't wait to get in!!!! : D

I really did enjoy the tours.


ALL WIZARDS BEWARE!!!!!!!! lol just kidding but really this is cool there
are alot of bugs though!!!!

Oh did I tell you guys I got in and got into moo shu on the live realm?


I wish I had but nope still level 34 I'm waiting till the henchmen thing comes out on the live realm before doing that.
your gift A WHOLE OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes now you can send your friends birthday gifts!!!!!!!!

hmmmm. . .

this is just pointless but I couldn't resists ladies and gents me jumping on a broom!!!!!!!!!!!!

well running around on the test is loads of fun giving ideas commenting previewing reporting bugs!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too much fun! I can't wait till it all goes live for all of you I feel like such a grandmaster running around the test questing left behind to just have fun and test stuff out!!!!!! It's real loads of fun also me and my one of my friends tested out the monster box well he did I'm gonna try it out tomorrow. We got into a PvP and got into the dragonspyre arena there is absolutely no music I don't PvP much so I don't know if that's normal but the arena is amazing I can't wait till It all goes live you all are gonna have soo much fun with it all I know me and my friends are!! Here's a code you need to know if you want to friend me
on a mount
Jump 1
jump 2 times
not on amount
say hello
than jump 3 times
there are far to many blind friend requests and its so annoying so I'm only going to friend certain people and if you know this code you are in luck! WOW!! it's only 7:16 and it's pitch black go figure!!!!

the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. I'm loving the test realm!!!!!

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