Sunday, October 18, 2009

two friends

Well in the pic. above is Jessica Fairyheart from the awsome pryromancers diary (the one is pink and yellow for thouse very few of you that there is a slim chanse you don't read her blog too:) and the one in Purple and yellow is Page ummmm I forget her last name. But here is a pic of us dancing at my pad yeah you can see my new oufit and you can also see my new favorite housing item (the alter with candles: ) you can see mr. Krocotep head :P and you can see Lord Zues : D

The storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. LOL! You don't have the name thing on? Really? You should. It'll let you see other people you know!

  2. the problem I have with that is I want then to know every ones name and with the amount of people in the commons my head will exsplode! I know my good friends names like yours and Richard Darkflame's (me and him became better friends on the test so I think I sould get a bit up about him) but I don't see her much so I don't really know her name.
    How did you like my new oufit I know the shoes need to be dyed but that costs over 8 thousand and I only have 2 thousand somthin.