Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ummm... HI?

Well not much to blog about on Saturday didn't get on on Sunday got on and finished up Vlira Moonwraith's quests in Dragonspyre (with help from my friends Elizabeth (level 48 necromancer) Megan (level 50 storm) and Cody (level 18 pryromancer) I also fineshed another quest in the Village of Sarrow help from (well to be honest I forget his name I don't see him much I think his name is cody too but he is level 48 pryromancer and I have about 100 more health than him hehe : ) Yeah some thing I have notesed is with text chaters it is alot more secluded with the level diffrence of friends unless you are avid in the areana (like Sabrina) with Menu chaters where you hang in the spiral determends your friends I my self spend alot of time in Moo Shu and Dragonspyre have alot of Grandmaster friends. I find in odd that, that is the way it works Menu chaters with Menu chaters (of all levels) and text chaters with text chaters around the same level I just find that odd. I have alot of Higher level friends that I spend most of my time with very few are lower than me and if they are I ushualy am too busy with my own questings to help sigh. : ) gotta love friends.
the (level 37 and a half sigh so close) storm wiz. Silverheart

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