Thursday, December 17, 2009


GOOD BYE WIZARD CITY HELLO GIENT CYCLOPS ON AN ISLAND!!!!!! I BOUGHT THE MYTH HOUSE HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeppers I got my dream house (and a cool new Nija samuri pig thingy with my gift card: )
hurray it is currently undecroated But what eves I have soooooo much stuff it'll be full in no time flat : D
the (happy and tiered) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Awesome! Are you on winter break yet? I am!!! :P

  2. Um could we change the time for the tree of life thing? My dad is dragging me out to go xmas shopping. I am thinking around 9:30 eastern? Would that work?

  3. er no if you where thinking am because it is 9:51 and 9:30 at night is a little late : ( dunno
    I have 3 more days of school : (

  4. P.S. the reason it is late is I have a scrimage tomorrow (need alot of sleep standing all day is hard work)