Saturday, December 12, 2009

not much new

well here are the updates

the awsome Charles is angry with me because he asked for my help with a solo instens : (

I am now level 43 : D (only two more till swords time : )

I am on the Village of sorrow : )

I am almost done with Moo Shu : (

I am still swordless : (

Sabrina Willowbane (her person on my account) is now in krock and has learned her Vampire and spiret armur spells. : )

Congrats to one of my friends (I forgot his name currently X smiles sheepishly X ) for reaching level 45 and entering dragonspyre : D

My stage is awsome (pic some other time)

I finally got a lord of the rings movie ( GO LEGOLAS WOOT!!!!! mehehehe he is so cool O )

I have a new story I'm writing (no not about wizards that bores me
well it does)

I am cool : P

Tomwagwa the pathetic has fallen to my mighty Triton (a 1986 hit finished him off nicely)

the (awsome) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I think his name is D somethin (sorry!!!!!)

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