Thursday, December 24, 2009

Need to start working

I need to start working. On what you may ask?
My dream job.
Video Game designing.
But Silverheart you are too young to know about all that goes into a game
So? I still have ideas that should be listened to and good ones at that I have a talent for description my words are worth thousand pictures!!!
I know now why I'm so bored of wizards and blogging about it is I'm on the side lines I'm not doing anything more than sitting behind a computer!!!!!!
You know you cant do that you have no one to show it to no one to approve it for.
And that annoying little voice in my head who doesn't know how to keep it's overly large mouth shut it is why I feel like I can't DON'T CRUSH MY DREAMS WOULD YA!!!! X mutters under breath at self X "split personality much you are soooo like golum!!" any who

Any ideas I've got tons for a game but no one but my friends to tell them too : (
the (sighing) storm wiz.Silverheart

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  1. Idk start with the basic plot and then figure out how you are going to gameify it. Really, you should play the hobbit. It's SO FUN!