Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm in Dragonspyer i fled a couple of times when I was killing old man drake just so I could enjoy it agean : D sigh... bored don't feel like questing I gotta whole lot of statues (my yard is full of them) I can wait till I get a pic of the pool room in the myth house why?
I put all of my palm trees in there and a hyroglific tablet and one of them camilen thingys and a couple of the big tablet thingys out side the door and it is a krocotopien reatreat if I ever knew one (which I don't I hate the krock houses too much sand for me so that is also why I do not like the balance house) I have desided when I become grandmaster on my ice wizard she is the one I will become War lord on: D
the (still level 44 aruge!) storm wiz.Silverheart

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  1. :O I have the desert villa and it looks beautiful with all my trees in it!