Tuesday, December 29, 2009

time again

Hello Don't got much to say up here other than the ushualy that comes
with a post with pictures so here you go the post will continue below right this way and: click to enlarge
this is not Julia Rainbreaker's house it is Ronan Icehunter(to see ronan look down). I love his house it is so amazing : D I love it.
this is My friend Ronan Icehunter. I wouldn't say me and him are great friends. I mean I've never quested with him. And neather of us like PvP that much. But he is nice and has a SICK house and he is plesant when we do hang out so..... put your own spin on our friendship I an't got one.

I love that view: ) It is just so beautifull in my oppinion I don't care about
yours with this paticular thing : P

lol if you look closesly at this you will see I am standing on the water not in it YAYZ I A MUTANT!!!!!!!!!! Yes I now can officaly say that I have
watched Xmen

Sigh this place is one of my favorites : D I go here to relax.

sigh today a friend of mine brought me and Ronan to a text chater's
party I alwas feel out of place there then I saw some one I didn't exspect
Megan Bluemask. Who now has been about... well... the storm lord know how long since Megan has been off my list!! Now I see her text chating and flying (I think I sound like Gimli there I watch too much lord of the rings for my own good : )meh a little strage it is very rare you will find someone who is off your list again. With out any help I mean. I was just going to my house after the only person who I was hanging out with at that party
(Ronan) left When my friend Vanesa asked for my help so I found my self
killing monsters just like when we where back in Moo shu : ) Sigh. I just realized something I made WAY to many 'spy man' people on my Wii (I was REALLY[to the 10th power!] bored earlyer ier yer earlier??? OH I GIVE UP!!)

the (somewhat bored)storm wiz.Silverheart

P.S. hi I ran out of qotes TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES TO FIND MORE QOTES X runs off the find movies X

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