Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are some of my like 50 pics of my adventures that last 2 weeks.
I think that just looks cool when I do that so here is a pic of it: D
I told you guys my stage was awsome!!!!!

here to modle my goul with card pet is Sabrina's character on my account (she is not a paying player) (she is curently level 16 I call her the Necromancer of life [ her secondary is life] lol I'll do some interviewing with her and post a bit about her adventures through krock)
okay this is for the pic below that is being dumb and won't let me type anything below it YAY TRITON I WILL CRUSH ALL IN HIS LIGHTNING RODS WAY MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH


How can you be angry here its so beutiful!!!
OOOOOOOOH how beutiful!!! wave hit to Charles : D
the (busy) storm wiz.Silverheart

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