Thursday, December 10, 2009

the tree of life ambush

yes me and 3 of my friends ran through and killed that oni till he was dead (don't ask) I got a ghoul pet with a ghoul card. My friends Charles Dreamwalker, Patrick Silversheald, and Garret Sunbrand ran it last night. Charles got my sword though : ( well I'm happy for Charles but I WANT MY SWORD SO BAD!!!!!!!! sigh what eves I have maybe 4 more quests than BOOM level 43!! still in Moo shu had some fun. last night Patrick and Garret where fairly animated when they where talking then Me and Charles being much more quiet we where more of the necromatic once (well he really is a necromancer)
I gotta go to school now (in a blizzard stupid ..... [ did you really think I'd tell you the name of my school?] sending us in, in this ) : (
the (sad : () storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. I got some kind of Ghoul pet without the card in Krokotopia, once.

  2. yeah that was actually what I thought of when I saw it.