Thursday, July 30, 2009

I GOT MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!

I got my house and my kracen spell!!!!!!!! I have tons of pics of my house so I'll show you a few and if anyone wants to see more I see what I can do so above are some of the pics I took. I took a total of 14 pics I love my new but none of my friends where on so I could show them. . . Blake would have been and he would have come. . . OH that reminds me Today I was Bord so I was looking at the Emperor's retreat and all of a sudden someone behind me said "Wow" I spin around and behind me is a boy who looked identical to Blake his last name was Goldenstaff he just stared at me for about oh 10 minutes and still hadn't asked to be my friend I got freaked out of course and ran. . . right into a poll a ran around the poll and out of sight still a little freaked out had I just seen another one of Blake's characters? or was this all just well luck?!?


  1. Omg!
    It's so cool!
    Of course,heh, you have to decorate it more.

  2. I found a funny bug if you run off the second fall you end up in your pool!!!!!