Saturday, November 7, 2009

The anoying things about level 35 and up.

Here is the # 1 thing it is called NONSTOP HELP REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE them my friends never stop!!! NO NO if you misunderstod me I love my friends! and hanging out with them but I despise how since they all know I'm an amazing duelist ( both as street and monster) if they are in trouble or are at the feet of a huge instense they call me I almost alwas do instenses twice once for me and a hundred more for my friends!!! I swear if one of them asks for my help with the tomb of the bugiler I will freak I did that once TWO GRANDMASTERS AT MY SIDE and we still had to do it agean 'cause we where defeated!!!!! I spead all over the spiral GRIZZLEHEIM DRAGONSPYRE MOO SHU KROCK WIZARD MARLYBONE AND EVEN TOO SUNKEN CITY!!! I HATE IT!! I NEVER HAVE TIME TO MY SELF UNLESS I TURN OFF FRIEND TELEPORTS. ARGGG!!!!!! sorry had to vent this morning I had 5 minutes to play I meant to go to some side quests but NOOO-OO I had to instead go help a friend fight F.......IN KROCKOPATRA!!!!! Yeah so yup pissed.
another annoying thing is that I know you know you are almost done with the game so you begin to think hmm. what to do. and You stop playing some on that wizard to get your second one up out of wizard (or in my case) krock.
so yeah need to vent
The (annoyed) storm wiz. Silverheart



  2. yes it is a side effect of teenagerness along with sudden hight changes and sarcasim : P lol couldn't resist : )