Friday, November 27, 2009

Awsome day conclud and to the Hall of chapions we will go : D

well today I was on alot on Alyssa I really didn't do anything just hung out and was awsome : P. On Fallon though I did alot including getting to level 18 I also got her 3056 gold and some cool new Dragonspyre robes : D above is randome bits of pics I found in the folder I am gonna contunu with the story line quests on Fallon now : D
if you look above the pic of Sabrina willowbane you will see a kracken to be perfictly honest I really want on of them as a pet the look so adorable then when you go up to pet them they atack! I want one that dosn't atack!!!!!! the girl in Black and green I was just in the dye shop when I notesed her oufit was cool congrats what ever your name is you have a cool outfit!! also in that you see some shots of Fallon (the blue haired wizard level 18 ice) and Scarlet (the one dressed in all green level 22 life )
well that all
the (now level 41 and 3/4) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. dunno there where alot of people around it I'm guessing eather friendly's or some level 42 death that was near by they where the two closests dunno just found it and thought it looked cool