Monday, November 30, 2009

My cestela dream

well I misspelled that. I had a dream I was in Cestela at first I didn't know where I was I was just there then it came to me it was cestela it looked like Rohn from the Lord of the Rings I walked through the fields and hills I found no one I found that odd I just keeped walking through empyt fields then the dream changed now the place was like it was in the move people I was accualy fowlowing Legolas dunno found it weird that my mind told me it was Celestra ( I really don't have a clue how to spell that)
The Storm wiz.silverheart


  1. Hmm, I thought Celestia would be more starry and spaceish (is that a word?).

  2. dunno it might have just been from all of the Lord of the Rings I've been watching latly