Saturday, November 14, 2009

My house tour

P.S. Miss Dakota is a greater imp or she has a Imp card attached to her.

P.S. Lord Shadow was a limated edishon pet you can not get him any more
also he has no cards atached.

P.S. I don't know what pet I had in this pic I do however Know it is Not
Lord Zues.

The statue is a krock boss drop from the Chamber of fire. I got it off my

Aww I missed the flashes the flashes off the cyristal casese are so big you
can see them from the Bar down stairs!!!!

I dunno it looks kinda like a church

yeah I really do love that outfit : D thouse are all my pets.... for now : D I'm really having fun with my new desine : ) I also showed you a few of my wands I have 2 more a level 40 staff (Do daga's staff of intent) and a level 45 sword (Sword of the silver sentyla) Oh and it's true my family has christmas this year : D.
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I love dogs I want a storm hound soon : D


  1. I really liked your living room with the chiars and sofas and I liked the palms tress your really fixed your house pertty good but ugh the wizard city mansion is kind of crazy I get lost in that house since my friend has one there so many stares.

  2. thanks Jesse the palm trees was one of the most costly things in my house. they are cheap solo but when you get 10 it is way not cheap!! and the way I remember where I'm going is I say the stairs by the dinning room is the back way and the one by the fire place is the front way. : D and Jessica sorry about what?