Monday, November 2, 2009


I also am a SUNKEN CITY SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly that is my favorite badge in the whole game. I just love it!!! shure I got nothin but lots of selling loot but I need to do my crafting quests so I guess I'm blessed sort of I need (for just the rings) 16 SCRAP IRON I'm DOOMED!!! I can't find the place where you turn the ore into scrap iron I MUST find that I've got more ore than I know what to do with!!!!! OHHH BTW I also killed the grub and his side kicks with a 1040 tempist nice right belive it or not if you can fight the Jade oni or solo the Kracken as a level 8 storm than you can do this it is too easy the Grub has only 1000 hit points I mean LA-AME!!!!! (btw all the things I typed above I can/could do I am no longer level 8 so I can no longer say I can solo the Kracken as if it where a huge deal)
Also some grandmasters who have nothin to do might wanna head over there last time I was there was about 30 people waiting to do theirs (plus I sorta blew off my partner as we hit the grub but she wouldn't stop text chating me when I told her I didn't have text and she really didn't do anything I really did it all! I mean she was ONLY level 22 and with 775 health I just really did it all it was SO annoying)
the storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. Felicia Worthington (the main Marleybone crafter) has the Transmute Scrap Iron recipe. When you pull up her recipes, click the house to go to housing stuff, then the cards to go to Trading Card recipes. The system uses cards to track reagents so you'll need a Card Crafting table to make them. The Scrap Iron recipe costs 300 gold, each Iron takes 10 Ore and 10 Stone Blocks to make.

  2. oh boy :/
    Geeze I HATE crafting

  3. thanks for the info though atleast I know where to get it now.