Sunday, November 15, 2009


I am I'm having loads of fun on wizards latly : D Harvest Fest rocked I found the pics now I need to add my funny comentary and what I would be saying if I had text chat (that is all going to change in a few months he he he...) any way today I loged in and found myself stairing hood to hood with Otomi so I desided to lay down some pain IT WAS FUN YAY!!! Any how guessy whaty!! I STILL DON'T HAVE MY SWORD!! I HAVE TONS AND TONS OF STUFF FOR MY ICE WIZARD I HAVE A HAT 2SETS OF ROBES 2 SHOES EVEN LEVEL 45 STUFF FOR MY MYTH!!!! BUT I HAVE NOTHING REPEAT NOTHING USEFULL FOR ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!COME ON OTOMI REALLY NOTHING GOOD REALLY ARE YOU THAT CRUAL REALLY COME ON I HATE YOU OTOMI I NEED YOUR SWORD AUG OR EVEN YOU HAT OF VACANSY AGEAN I WANT THAT NOW I WAS DUMB AND SOLD IT AND YOU DROP ME A ICE HAT?????????!!!!!!!!!! OH I found something funny my friend Destiny seagem (I met her at Harvest Fest) and me have the same first name in the real world lol right!! well I love my house I love my house and I now have a tour of it up (look down)
well thats it hmm...... yeah that is my rant
The (still level40 swordless I have a level45 sword) storm wiz.Silverheart