Wednesday, November 18, 2009


sorry forgot to get the info on my two wizards the poll is gonna be on. I'll just say a bit from memory.
Sabrina Shadowwraith: level 22 life/blance wizard has good gear. She is not a dualer and when ever I'm on NONE of her friends are EVER on. she has a Heckhound pet. She curently is stuck on the Vault of Ice quest with no one to help her out. She is still in her dorm with some fairly crappy furnichure nothing compaired to Alyssa's castle I'm waiting for school spesific houseing for her.

Fallon Icebane: level17and 3/4ths ice/death wizard has sweet gear and a dragon pet. she has 14 friends whome I never see. Because they are never on. She has a dragon pet and is saving up for a krock. she is just begining the Krockospinx with her I have latly just been side questing to (hopfully) get a nice level 18 to get her level 18 spell which I do not know what that is.... hmmm... dunno She is still in her dorm as well with all blue stuff. : D I'm thinking of a small Marlybone for starters. I want to get it soon. I'm am at 540 gold I plan to save up the 15,000 with all the side quests should be a brieze.

Fallon is really the wizard I've been putting some time into leveling and such I'm gonna need some one to take me to Marly when I have the gold (forever from now) the reasson I want a small house is that I alwas just start with a small one so that they don't have not enuff stuff and too much space so it be a nice one I love marly and it would be fun to have a house on one wizard as a Marly house but for Alyssa I want to be able to go swiming and to have a stage. For school spesfic housing I'm gonna get a death house and the out side is just gonna be a big grave yard more later got something to do.
the storm wiz.Silverheart

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