Monday, November 2, 2009

REdone and compleat (for now)

What is redone and complete for now you may ask? MY HOUSE : ) !!!!!!!!!! I have it nicely done and the outside is very dragonspyre and moo shuy I still have bit to do in the party area down by the beach (I need like 20 more palm trees) I need more statues but other than that the outside is done the inside you walk into my bar and fire place room when you walk down the side with the window you come to a little study if you stand by the door like when you first walk in and make a left you will walk into my formal dinning room then you go up the back stair case in that room and you find yourself well I don't know what the heckhound that room is I have alter with candles and a lectern. then you turn and walk into the next room it sort of is a show off room I have few obelisks 2 Cristal cases and a book shelf with stuff. then you turn into my living/showoffy Kroc stuff/ crafting room I really should show you my crafting room it is sooooooooooo cool!!!! than you go back into the alter room and walk up the stairs you are in my bed room with a starry marlybone wall paper my Kroc bed and tons and tons of other stuff!!! my house is so awesome I can not describe it and since I don't have fraps unless you want a awful video done by my camera you are not gonna see my house unless you are my friend.
the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. every room except for the living/ Kroc showoffy stuff/ crafting room has marlybone wall paper that one has Kroc wall paper

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