Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just got hit with a reality call I am nearing the last 10 levels of the game (now level 39) and I just started the cave of solitude!!!!!! I just I can't belive it!!! I am almost ready to equip my level 40 staff and robes just oh wow I am so shock I am just oh wow sigh... reality I mean not even 2 months ago I was still in krock!!!!! I mean OMG!!! I am so close to be done I want to be yet .... I don't I'm confuzling I know (confuzle- to confuse or be confused) I am so excited yet I am so nervus I have awsome friends and sweet gear and a awsome house but I don't know if I really want to do my Malistaire yet.... I'll probably be grandmaster before I even am close to done with all the side quests I have who knows I plan to take a clean up day soon to just clean a few up. sigh oh boy I am so weird I want to be grandmaster yet I don't no quests helping friends alot I do all that already!!!! sigh.... wow I think I am going to look back and see how far I've really come hmmm....... well more later.... or tomarow..... or when I'm a grandmaster .... : (/ : )/ ?!?!?!?!
the (confuzled) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I thought about this all while listaning to Unwriten

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