Sunday, November 15, 2009

A reminder of friends gone

I was looking through some old posts and I found some where Autumn commented. I was thinking about how she is still on my friends list and will be until wizard101 is a vague memory in my computers past as it sits in a junk yard to rot. As will all of my friends who quit, they will still be on my list no matter what. I find that the more I think about when people who become such good friends with people in the game suddenly quit it hurts quite a lot : ( I believe that sometimes we think people are gone but you never do know. I did a poem about never, I was actually complaining about a guy but I sum up the word never in it

Never is a word we all say
Never is a very long time
Never I did say
I would love
Never I did say
I would stop loving him
Never I do say
I will love him again
Never is a very long time
Never is a lie
we never NEVER do know

Yes you can sorta see the part where I was complaining (actually that poem was for English class). When I think of people quiting blogging I think of all my past friends I miss them (most of them anyway) I think that some times we feel betrayed and lost because people we were close to had vanished suddenly from our life's but here is what you need to know:

They aren't really gone

for not even DEATH can take a person you love away from you they will forever remain alive in you heart through your love that you give to others you keep their spirit alive. They will forever be a part of you. Each person you encounter leaves an impression on your spirit it can be both good or bad but not every person realizes it.

You have time to think about what you do before you do it.
Why? Because you only you have the ability to fix the wrong done when you do it. Life's a play one shot no do overs.

Believe it or not this post describes how I think. I am a very deep person when I want to be but I usually keep it to myself. I'm the funny person, not the profound one. I don't know if I did anything great or big but I do know that I do have the power to change a person. I hope and try as hard as I can to change them for the good or to keep them good. Try to do good to for you can change people. One at a time and by doing that you can change the world.
The (wondering) storm wiz. Silverheart

P.S. during this whole time I've been thinking about Rachel's challenge I am amazed at her story and want to know something the shooting at Columbine was on Hitler's birthday and all 13 people killed where Christian.
They where not afraid to say their faith. It is awful when people are killed for their faith.


  1. I agree with that thoughtful post. No one is ever gone when they are gone. They stay in your hearts for year and years and years. The memory keeps them alive. What they have done, and what they will do. Faith brings the world together.

  2. Its called "Mytrdom" My church's first leader was "mytred" or in this case shot dead then was shot while falling out of a window. Sad things happen.