Friday, November 20, 2009

A new Idea

I have an idea I will do a little guid sorta thing for Diviners. With just tips I've found first off is NEVER USE STORM SCHOOL SPESIFIC GEAR use eather all school or crown (preferably crown) the one exseption to this is Grandmaster gear use the robes nothing eleas use crown hat and shoes you can chose your pets and wands and anthams and what ever eleas.
more next time gotta go.
the (level 40 YAY) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Using School Specific Gear is golden. Always use it.

  2. Personally, I tend to think that school specific gear is generally much better than all school gear, as it boosts your skill, resistance, power pips, and gives accuracy. This is true unless you are going for stuff that just gives you health or crowns gear, which gives you cool spells but really isn't that great.
    -Just my opinion, though.

  3. yes but I as a level 40 storm if I take off my robes I only have 1231 health with my crown and non school spefic gear I have almost 2000 the boots are nice but with storm wizards awful health. the health bootst are about a million times as important to be honest school spesfic gear for a storm is awful I do NOT sugest any one use it it is diffrent for other schools (for my ice wizard I only use ice school spesfic stuff same with life and extera) crown gear for a storm is best gear posible and head gear of the slypa is awsome if your secondary is life because it unlocks a locked card. with storm never go with school sesfic gear other than your grandmaster robes.