Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well when I get text let me state one thing to all of you who are my friends
1 I probably will still be hanging with alot of Menu chaters since a great many of them are my friends and good friends at that
2 To thouse of you who are on my friends list I am randome and love to be rude to my (computer only) opponets don't worry though this will only be while I am soloing you will not have to see the flow of rude statements yelled at otomi or whome ever.
3 David(or flint but same person) and Johnathan they are two of my closest friends in game I have spoken to them in text (both) Johnathan is randome and funny David is nice
4Sabrina is my BFF we are on at the same time alot and when we are we are hanging out together (I need to get her more crowns so she can help me in DS and get her wizard higher) so exspect me and her to be chillen and being randome together
5 SABRINA DAVID (aka flint) JOHNATHAN AND I PWN THE JADE ONI TOGETHER he is our most common farm and I main target each for our own reasons Sabrina: His death shoes sword pet life robes David: he really (I think) just dose this to hang out with use dunno Me:his pet and sword for my collections and for my next wizard to level 40 (or in the pets case for my level 6 balance wizard he will be fun to use at later levels : ) I already have his life robes : ) Johnathan: well he already got what he wanted the pet and the sword SAME BATTLE TOO LUCKY : ( fire wizards have all the luck : P
and finally 6 I like to talk and I mean alot so yeah :P
the (soon to be text chating) storm wiz.Silverheart

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