Friday, February 12, 2010

In need a Man eating flower

Okay so I was talking to Sabrina and I told her "the only way I could get the guy I like a flower was if it could eat him" Now she went and TOLD the guy I like that I was gonna get him a flower that was gonna eat him..... His awnser?

"Awsome!" Yes and now I need to get him a Man eating flower : )
Also my spanish teacher was giving out spanish valentine's day candies and I had one that had only the end of the word for Hope, the end of the word is Pero and for thouse of you who don't know Pero means But...... I told the guy I like that he cracked up. Valentine's day is not taken too sirusly in my school more like an exscuse to eat more candy than you should and we even out grown that : ) I love my school XD
speaking of school gotta log off and go to it latter and don't forget VOTE ON MY POLL
The storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. At my school it's the same way. And poto is the actual word for butt ;)

  2. Alyssa! Check out my blog! You're an VIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot you when I posted it ... so you're in a cooment

  3. Really Donna thanks a Million :) I'll check it out :D