Friday, February 19, 2010

I'll have wings by tomarrow

My mom said that if I do somethings around the house she will buy me 5000 crowns which will be added to my 2000 something and than I will have WINGS X dose a dance X Than Shadowwraith (my life wizard) can have my mount. I can't wait :) I will love going faster but with out having to hide my sword I love swords I love them dearly!!!!!!!! I really can't wait I want them so bad I'm getting Saphira's wings the bat wings are cool but a bit too errr I dunno I just want the Saphira's more. YAYZ WINGS TODAY OR TOMARROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh that reminze me today starting at 3 and going till 11 tomarrow is my Birthday Party :) I know what Sabrina is giving me since I didn't want alot it was easy to narrow it down 2 Maximum Ride anima style books :) FANGS COOL HAIR CUT WOOTZ!!!!
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. My birthday is about 10 days from now but this is the only weekend I don't have a vollyeball turnament till the last weekend in March I'd rather have it now .... so exspect my online birthday party to be on friday or a Saturday.

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