Saturday, February 20, 2010

OH right!!! Pictures!!!

Well here are pictures of my puppy
The picture above is cute right!!!??? She is my little sissy since I don't have one I've had
my little Molly since I was 5 she is my little furry friend :) I love her to bits.
From this point down is at my Grandma's kitchen not mine :)
I call this the "I'll smile but I won't look at you" Picture she dose this one very little :P
Molly licking her nose isn't she shiny :) My little puppy (well not anymore)
I'm floating :)
I'm taller than you Ryan :P
from a semi upward looking view
the top of my hat is my favorite :)
Wizard City police costume (long story not exsplaning)
so yeah some pictures I forgot to show woops my bad :P hope you like later
the storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Zachary: Thanks :)
    King Of Death: 'cause I can :P No really I just felt like it I liked the hat and the robes so I just took some shoes stiched them and now I where them sometimes.