Sunday, February 28, 2010


I get text chat tomorrow :) and from the looks of it (by looks I mean how much the snow has built up after 4 straight days of snowing) I won't have school again :P YAY ;D
well that is all I need the third book in the Heir siries and I have on more thing to say

If they make the Heir siries into a 'family friendly' movie I will be enraged!!! They swear there is whole lot of fighting and blood shed if they make it into family friendly junk they will RUNE IT BEYOND REPAIR THEY WOULD HAVE TO THE WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN!!!!! that sirs and madams is why when i get my book published if they make it into a movie I am going to approve everything first NO FAMILY FRIENDLY JUNK JUST GO WITH THE PRINCES AND TALKING CARS IF YOU WANT LITTLE CHILDREN TO NOT YELL THROUGH OUT THE WHOLE THING!!!
well that is the end of my rant ... I WANT THE THIRD BOOK IN THE SIRIES!!!!!!!
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. IDK I am bored


  1. I hope you know you i can't see what you are saying if you tezt chat somthing to me.

    :( oh well.

  2. I know I will still menu chat to you :)