Thursday, February 4, 2010

Good Friends and Want to play

Well today is a two in one post about great friends and how badly I love the game of vollieball and want to play again. Lets start with the vollieball one first because it is shorter okay so now I am sorta coach's asistant you know and so I was handing her balls during hiting warm ups and they started doing 1s now I love 1s as any middle does and here is a testement that vollieball is my life and my (currently) only true love I almost started crying for how bad I wanted to get in that line and hit. I almost cried for it.
And now on a happier note today in Gym class we are doing badmiten since my left arm is perfictly fine I can still play but I get a hadicap. So one girl in my grade (I don't know how to spell her name sry) offered to play me left handed (if you are wonder there is only I beleve 1 left handed person in my entire grade thus a statement as to how small my grade is) Not long after we started my friend Jack and his friend Chris came over and asked if they could play us. Um I'll give a shot at spelling the girls name Lydia (yeah yeah I think that is right) said "okay but you have to play left handed because Alyssa is injured" the only thing some what arguing that was "WHAT!" thus begun a imense time of failure for all of us : ) I love great friends
the (sadly still injured but on the mend) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. Sorry you can't play volleyball. I personally stink at it. But we were playing badminton in PE last week! And my friend and I won the tournament so we got CANDY! And then we teamed up with another team and tried to beat Coach, who said that if we did, he would give us a pizza party, but that is impossible to do, even with a 6 point lead that he gave us. 4 vs. him, we started 6 points ahead, and he still won. Arg. No pizza for us.

  2. in my school if you win a game then thats it. You win a game nothing more nothing less. :) just pride