Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jessica's party

here is how it all started at Ambers house
A bunch of us at Kestrels (sorry if I misspelled your name)
Dunno why we went here but it's cool so really I guess we didn't need a reason.
Here was what it started with in my house. Yes small but hey
it has cool people why complain : )

Here was a picture of the party at my house All you can see is Amber but
You can see others talking.
Hey look it's Dustin and David! : ) This is after Thomas showed up.

a randome picture I took of a BIG crowd at my house
You can see Thomas now in this one
A bunch of people at my house including Thomas, Cassandra, and Heather (thouse are just some people with names clearly seen)
You can also see that now Thomas is my friend.
lol jumping skeletons! It's jumping skeletons!
Wasn't that something from the test realm?
Okay? so here we are doing nothing You can see Donna from diary of a life
wizard here.
that people is what I would have been shouthing here.

Okay yeah my location is now marked there : ) this was alot of fun here
I had to get really far away to fit them all in :P

aparently you can run into the poll there.

Sorry but this is the last picture I took : ) Some how every wizard101 party ends up in Nightside at some point strange....
Well I had a great time : ) hope you all did good night good luck and leave a comment if you liked my house : )
the storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. I loved your house!We were all crowding around your fountain. I wish we could ask you where you got it. (Well, now I can!)

  2. it was some 600 somthin' crowns in Marlybone. glad you liked it : )

  3. Lots of fun at the party! Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Hey I'm a quest ahead of you. It's a tower, so I'll be glad to take a break and help you. Then at least will both be stuck on it.

  5. no problem Stingite : )
    and Da man I'm not questing untill I get text chat at the end of the month it's okay if you want to keep questing.

  6. Nah I hate that place, so I'm going to wait until I know I can get some help. Oh and btw, did you know my b-day is the day before yours?

  7. O.o really right before March 1st cool :) what tower is it? thanks for the help today :)