Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry it has been so long

"Oh shoot!" I cry as I jump from bed and pull on my armor grab my sword home work and books and leap from the door I have no time to wait for my lazy broom so I do what all wizards do when in a crunch beautiful Phoenix wings unfold from my back after I finish muttering a quick spell up into the air I leap no time to take the teleporter I groan and leap off the edge flying down at fast speeds I stop just above the ground I fly as fast as I can to the spiral door I fiddle with my keys "O come one you stupid peace of mettle show the heck up" I mutter I finally find the key and race through bartlebe into my desk at the storm school just before the bell rings
I stand up gathering my books, notes and graded assignments "Ms. Silverheart" I groan as Profesor Balstrom calls my name "Hang back a moment dear I need to speak to you about something" I turn and walk up to him "Are you aware of the world Celestia and the spiral around it?"
"I'm aware of Celestia but not any spiral around it sir"
"well this spiral has plenty of hero's but that one needs one still."
"Stop worrying Celestia is the home of the giants that is where Bartlebee's sister lives there is a whole other school of magic there. But something is threatening to awake the giant's greatest weapon."
"And what was that Profesor?"
"I don't know go to the library ask Borris to take you to the section with all the information about the titan war." I nodded and left quietly
"whats up?" I hear a voice ask I look up at Sabrina standing infront of me
" Help me find the book on Giants greatest weapon in the library." I beg
"Anything from serving detention with Drake I'm not even in his class I walked by his classroom with out stopping running sue me" She pouted I laughed and dragged her into the commons.
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I'm working out the plot and I have one now :)

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