Thursday, June 10, 2010

Does YOUR school have a Jedi Master?

come to wonderful ___________________ where we teach you in all art forms from abstract to the Jedi forms. The food is starting to be edible and there are cameras every where. So come to scenic ___________  where the schools are so supper small.

Lol okay I was just very bored anyway here is the reason for this post. I was just fliping through the facualty page in my year book when I found a guy who's label was this
Obi- Wan _____( no i am not giving you his last name!)
Jedi Master
I love my school we are so messed up :) we don't even have our school name on our year book cover we just have this big thing that says EXPLORE  XD 
well later I have to go to a study group in 14 minutes later

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