Saturday, June 26, 2010

Errrr... there is such a silence it hurts

XD NO this is funny because I am like HALF deaf XD (A small note to all children who have not yet defend themselves do NOT listen to your music at full volume no mader how loud the surounding shounds may be) Well my aunts dog won't shut up XD O.O HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  O sorry I am crazy so ignore that Hehehe XD lad id dad id add. hmmmm  this whole peace movment thing. I'm not going to following it FYI to me and Sabrina noob is a word that we use to say our lower level alts I never use it insultingly (err fyi if sabrina's friend Jake starts playing If i am hanging out with him you curse free people probably should stay away.) So :) later.


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