Friday, June 11, 2010

Sooooooo close ( warning rant)

1 more day of school ONE MORE DAY!!!! then it is my class trip (I'm not really wanting to go but the number of people that told me to hang out with them I felt obliged :( )
I have to go buy Kiwi a Birthday present her party is in 2 hours :) I am a very last minute person.

Okay so I am sorry about my blog if you have Internet Explorer all the blog list, arcive, page links, and polls are at the bottom but it will be back to normal if you switch to firefox it is just in Explorer. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Also today I aced my history final part one. Hmm what else do I have to say ..... oh yeah
I probably am not going to get Alyssa to grand this summer I'm not in the mood to play a lot any more between facebook and shelfari I am pretty good with computer stuff .......................... it is weird for me you know I am really on and off with a lot of things in life but I have been really unsure about wizards this spring it is just no fun. The pet update is well honestly IT IS THE STUPEDEST THING IN THE ENTIRE GAME!!!!!! Yes that is my oppion of it it takes to long the games are dificult and honestly I DON'T CARE!!!!! Wizards is a maybe this summer not a defendant anything right now. 

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