Sunday, June 27, 2010

OMG I Love my family

:D they make me feel normal! I love it hahaha o my uncle got his phone out he is not gonna move for the next 8 hours. ... I would go outside but the flys i would loose my temper. Hahahahahahahahha O.O DARN IT D: 6 hour drive tomorrow back home ugh.... don don don. / : lol :D I'm in such a good mood I post about why I love my family and why i love them so much (well one of the reasons) but you people are anti swear :D and my family is actually includes some people who arn't related (one is a french lady who knows more swear words then I ever will!) :) GO GERMANS THEY BEAT THE ENGLISH OR BRITISH OR WHICH EVER ONE IT WAS! GO GERMANS GO GERMANS I am a proud German so GO GERMANS GO GERMANS! lol I hate soccer :D later



  1. You might want to say "Go Germans, not including the Nazis". That could be easily misinterpreted.

  2. meh if i would cheer on the nazis (which i never would they where EEEEVVVVVIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLL) I would say go american Natzi party. because it is so dang weird