Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I had a fail at the most formal ceremony of my life

I did you know the whole take your certificate with your left and shake with your right well you see I am not so good with the whole left right thing so I took about 5 seconds form met to work out which had was which and to shake my math teachers hand. One of my friends forgot completely to shake hands.  Well I am super tired and i am gonna go on Shelfari which reminds me IF YOU LIKE BOOKS GO ON SHELFARI I WILL WARN YOU THOUGH IT IS THE MOST ADICTING THING EVER. Also high heals are hard to walk in.... hehehe :) but they are entertaining. So anyhow lad id dad id add that is how you sing in wizards : D hmm ... bordem....

Hehehe well any way i think I shall go play animal crossing. adios!
(wish me luck spanish final tomorrow)
-Lyssie (now a member of NJHS)


  1. Congrats on making National Junior Honor Society! If this another NJHS, let me know. lol

  2. Victoria: yeah it is National Junior HOnor Society.

    Heather: me ether which is why I feel head first down the big narrow flight of stairs in my house with only 4 steps at the bottom with railing.